Isuzu Piazza – 2021 An eventful year

The project continues.

Video game celebrity!

I got the question from a friend to be included in a sound recording for a video game database full of sound effects and vehicles!

Now they got a Piazza in their database, as they ran up and down the air field strip recording any posssible combination of sounds on all gears, shifting, buttons, braking you name it! Fun thing to do, and maybe just maybe it will be my Piazza that you hear in a upcoming video game!

Isuzu Piazza Turbo video game sound recording

Let's fix that leak...

Since the beginning when I bought the car I had problems with the car being very moist inside, especially in the trunk, and the previous owner had warned me that there might be leak somewhere around the rear windshield.

I went to a friend of mine working with car glass that was quite optimistic to find the leak, and I was quite doubtful. It turned out that the whole windshield wasn’t sealed or glued in the bottom line! A result of a repair job done on the car when last owner had an accident being run into!

We discovered a whole lake in the spare wheel well of rain water, and rust beginning to grow in the bottom! Fortunate enough I let it dry out, and cleaned up as much as possible and paint on rust stop primer!

Isuzu Piazza rust fix
BBS lemans 16"

I was not satisfied with how the Kosei Sniper wheels looked on the car, and the ”gold” dip turned out ”not so good” so let’s move on and find a set of wheels that I actually wanted – The BBS LM. These wheels look good on any car regardless model, year or type that’s for sure and a set of these bad boys finally got mounted on the Piazza. I went from 17″ to 16″ with a little more rubber to match the retro look as well as fit the lowering to be performed in the future.

Next thing up was to get this bad boy to sound a little better, and the recipe for that was a 2.5″ from the downpipe, straight pipes with only one HKS muffler at the end.
The sound of my Piazza is now so good! I will be forced to put on a cat before next inspection but that shouldn’t be too hard.

A friend at work welded the whole custom system and did a great job!

Shorty got low low low...

I bought the Zoom lowering springs from Japanese Yahoo Auctions that would lower the car about 3.5cm and boy did it get low…

Isuzu Piazza lowering springs

Went to as many car meets I could during 2021 such as JapDays at Mantorp Park, Cars & Coffee at Drottningholm and Street Cars Meet in the end of the season were I actually managed to win my first prize with the Piazza and that made me extremely happy!

Isuzu Piazza JapDays Mantorp Park
Cars & Coffe Frukostklubben Klassiker
Street Cars Meet Huddinge 2021 Iuszu Piazza

Next up for 2022 season is to get the new adjustable shocks from Spax installed, and we’ll see if the cars gets a little stiffer and more precise when taking curves.

Spax adjustable shocks

And finally a little before and after picture from when I bought it vs. how it looked at the end of 2021. Pretty big difference!

Let’s bring 2022 on!

What do you think?

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Isuzu Piazza Turbo Handling by Lotus

My second Piazza – Kaizen Racing Project #2

Isuzu Piazza Lotus BBS LM Lemans

2022 and it’s time for inspection