Photoshoot with SMA Photography

Went out on an awsome photoshoot with Sebastiaan Matthijs Aaldering

Sebastiaan Matthijs Aaldering is a really good photographer from the Netherlands that has visited JapDays at Mantorp Park for some years, and I’ve seen his work on other cars. Was very happy when I saw that the Isuzu was caught by his lens at JapDays 2022.

isuzu piazza turbo jdm car

He got some really good pictures the year after, when the car wore the gold Boss Coffee livery, and short after the event he reached out and asked if I was up for a real photoshoot since he and his girlfriend was gonna be in Stockholm for a couple of days on vacation.

Coulnd’t say no to that, right? So without any further info, enjoy!

stereo installation Pioneer Sony Playstation

Box was then covered in speaker fabric with pre-mounted glue for easier application. Really happy I choose the more expensive fabric with glue since this was very easy to apply and work with.

isuzu piazza led speakers
pioneer carrozzeria

Connected the Pioneer speakers with LED-strips together with the battery.

sony playstation 1 console boss cofee anime manga
sony playstation 1 console gran turismo

All the wiring was the made to a flip switch panel placed in the dashboard that controls the Pioneer stereo, japanese backup speaker and the underglow.
The led-strip installed in the speakers are controled by the remote that came along with it.

This concludes the Playstation and speaker installation – I’m super happy with it, and everywhere you go this draws a lot of attention!

What do you think?

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