2022 and it’s time for inspection

Too loud my ass

Isuzu Piazza Lotus BBS LM Lemans
Isuzu Piazza Lotus BBS LM Lemans

Let's see what we have been stocking up during winter.

The car has been sleeping since November last year and it’s already the beginning of May so it’s definitely time to revive the black beauty soon.

During winter I have been pretty active on Ebay and Yahoo Auction Japan trying to find mostly universal bits and pieces to install on the car.
Here’s some of the goodies:

  • Greddy Profec-B Boost Controller
  • Greddy Turbo Timer
  • Greddy Boost gauge
  • Greddy Oil Pressure gauge
  • Tomei Boost gauge
  • Nissan Z31 wheel hubs (For 5-lug conversion)
  • Trust shift knob
  • Veilside shift knob
  • Trust 4-point harness
  • Nissan R33 GTS-T brake calipers and rotors

But first - Let's get the car through inspection

Before getting carried away with the new mods I thought it would be good to get it through inspection, so I could drive for two more years before doing this all over again. With the new exhaust installed I was pretty sure that they would dislike the missing cat, but I also got a re-inspection for being too loud. Anyway this was a gamble and I knew it, and it didn’t roll my way.

So now I have a brand new sports-cat and a silencer ”thing” waiting to be installed before going back and hopefully get it approved.

Isuzu inspection
sports catalysator

Part from all the goodies in the list I’m also excited to install the new adjustable shocks in the front, and I also want to treat the car with some new belts and a regular oil service of course.

Stay tuned!

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