My newest car: Porsche 911 Carrera 4

I’m a Porsche 911 owner – again!

Exactly ten years after selling my last Porshce, a Carrera 996.2 facelift with an odd combo of exterior parts, it was time.

The first one was a black Carrera 2, and the paint job had seen better days, so the car went through a full wrap transformed into pearl white. The exterior of this Porsche was a combination of a turbo front, GT3 MK2 side skirts and a GT3 MK1 ”taco style” rear wing. Odd indeed, but still looked amazing.

Ten years and two kids later it was time to go back. There’s something accurate about Porsches slogan ”There’s no substitute”.

This new Porsche is a 2001 pre-facelift Carrera 4 996 with a 3.4L flat six boxer engine with 300hp. Recently modified with the bypass muffler delete making it sound like a monster. Will start with installation of a new GT3 MK2 front bumper, and looking for a rear wing to match with it.

Summer can’t arrive fast enough now!

Decided to fit some studded wheels from a 997 and drive it during winter. The backdrop of this picture is from the Atlantic Ocean Road located in Norway.

What do you think?

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