Playstation & Stereo installation

Playstation 1 PS in car Isuzu Piazza

"Damn that guy's fast."

Do you what movie the quote on top comes from? – Of course it’s The fast and the Furious! Before the first race there’s a guy called Danny Yamato who’s playing Gran Turismo on his PS1 installed in the car, now you remember right?
His only line in the movie is the one above when he gets smoked by Dom who he’s referring to.

I thought it would be a really cool thing to replicate this kind of setup in my Piazza, as the Fast & Furious nerd I am.

rj de vera fast and furious honda playstation gran turismo

A PS1 console was not hard to find – But what kind of screen was used in the movie?
After many attempts on Google, Youtube and visits to a lot of pages, I finally managed to find the actual model: Panasonic CY-VM1500EX, a 7″ LCD color screen which you can see shows in the movie as well.

Straight to Ebay – Jackpot! Found one with original box in Germany!

Playstation 1 The fast and the furious

Connected everything to a 12V feed and started up. That startup sound from the PS1 console was a direct flashback to childhood, and all the hours spent in front of Gran Turismo. This is exciting!

Playstation 1 The fast and the furious Isuzu Piazza Turbo
sony playstation in car

During the relocation of the battery to the trunk and testing everything out, the trunk looked like total madness! But with battery moved and everything connected first test run was a succes. I power the Playstation console with a DC converter 12V to 220V normal house power outlet. I just have to be aware of the time spent running all the stuff on only battery power as it will drain it.

isuzu piazza kaizen racing project
Sony Playstation in car Isuzu Piazza Turbo

The box built to cover up the battery and house the stereo and console was made from mdf board and cut to fit side to side of the trunk.

stereo installation Pioneer Sony Playstation
stereo installation Pioneer Sony Playstation
stereo installation Pioneer Sony Playstation

Box was then covered in speaker fabric with pre-mounted glue for easier application. Really happy I choose the more expensive fabric with glue since this was very easy to apply and work with.

isuzu piazza led speakers
pioneer carrozzeria

Connected the Pioneer speakers with LED-strips together with the battery.

sony playstation 1 console boss cofee anime manga
sony playstation 1 console gran turismo

All the wiring was the made to a flip switch panel placed in the dashboard that controls the Pioneer stereo, japanese backup speaker and the underglow.
The led-strip installed in the speakers are controled by the remote that came along with it.

This concludes the Playstation and speaker installation – I’m super happy with it, and everywhere you go this draws a lot of attention!

What do you think?

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