Quick Release and GReddy horn button

Greddy steering wheel Italvolanti Raid

Time to bling up the steering wheel

When I bought the car I got a lot of parts with it that’s been saved in boxes in my storage, and in of the boxes I found a Raid steering wheel with that classic Italian 80s design such as Luisi, Nardi and Momo all use.
I also found a boss kit with the number ”3406” that I later identified as a Luisi adapter for Isuzu Gemini, but that should fit the Piazza as well.

So I installed the steering wheel only to find out that it came way to close to the dashboard, resulting in me turning on the turn indicators every now and then with no intention to turn… Not the perfect setup.

Racing RAID steering wheel

A spacer was needed, but why not install a quick release that works both as a spacer and a cool feature as well? Yeah, I know what people say about these quick releases but as long as you install them right, make sure it has a safety pin and also keep an eye on that they don’t allow to wiggle it should be fine.

I also snagged a new GReddy horn button from Japan, and a set of gold screws for that extra detail that will make this setup a 10/10.

Quick release Isuzu Piazza Greddy performance
Isuzu Piazza steering wheel

Had to solder a cable on the button to fit the double cable type of quick release. Also had to modify the button itself pretty much on the back to make it fit inside the hole. Surprised of how little space there is inside to fit all the cables and clamps.

Really happy with the result and looks of it! Could never have done it without help from my electric guru Jesper, thank you!

Now let’s continue with the installation of the battery in the trunk so I can install my restored and renewed Pioneer JDM speakers in the shelf!

Greddy steering wheel Italvolanti Raid

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