Pioneer TS-X33 Carrozzeria speakers

Pioneer TS-X33 Carrozzeria Rear shelf speaker

I’ve decided to try and post with some more regularity this upcoming season instead of collecting a lot of images and info and do bulk posts.

So since I put the car away in november it has been patiently waiting in the winter storage and I have been fidgeting with other stuff for it, such as making up unrealistic goals regarding looks and tuning instead of planning what really needs to be done on it to keep it rolling!

First project I’m gonna share with you is the new rear shelf speakers. They are a set of real JDM goodies that I found, bought and imported through Japanese Yahoo auctions. As usual it ended up way more expensive than I thought with shipping, taxes and customs charges but damn it, these rare goodies never shows up and I’m bad at waiting…

The model is called Pioneer TS X-33 and is a Carrozzeria model, made for the rear shelf, and has a flat plexi side that can is backlit with blue or green diodes. I am rebuilding these with RGB LED strips instead, with color controller!

These are pics from the auction:

And this is how they could possibly look like!

I have started the disassembly and there’s a lot of cleaning to be made!

I’ve chosen to change the old school single blue colored diods to LED-strips with a controller that I can change the colors, brightness, pattern etc with a remote control.

It demanded some minor modifications to the speakers to fit the strips and the cables for it.

Pioneer speakers diy restoration

This is from the very first test I did with the full installation: New stereo unit from Pioneer with Bluetooth, LED-controller and speakers connected. Everything works!
Had to test mount them in the rear shelf!

Pioneer Carrozzeria TS-X33 Isuzu Piazza

Keep checking in for more updates on these bad boys!

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