2023 is here and this is my wishlist!

Isuzu Piazza Turbo Lotus
Isuzu Piazza Turbo Lotus

I want it all - and I want it now.

So as usual the car has just been standing still in a storage during winter. I could’ve easily went over there and worked on the Skyline brake conversion, or kept going with the turbo fans for the rear wheels. But as usual I just keep pushing that stuff forward and tell myself to fix it ”later”

The mods of 2023

Let’s do a proper To-Do list with all the bits and pieces I am going to try to get done during 2023, both the ”necessary” stuff and also the ”fun” stuff such as styling/tuning.

• Fix squeaky panel
• Fix gasoline gauge
• Fix steering bushes
• Fix hood latch handle
• Fix heating/cold air
• Custom Aero Discs carbon look – NEW!
• Nissan Skyline R33 brake calipers and rotors – NEW!
• GReddy Profec B Boost controller – NEW!
• GReddy Boost gauge – NEW!
• GReddy Oil Pressure gauge – NEW!
• GReddy Oil Temp gauge – NEW!
• Steering wheel spacer – NEW!
• New paint on side mirrors – NEW!
• New oil on gearbox and rear axle – NEW!
• Pioneer Carrozzeria rear shelf speakers – NEW!
• New battery and stereo assemble in the trunk – NEW!
• New Horn Button – NEW!
• Big makeover of engine compartment
• Rear Spax Adjustable shocks

What do you think?

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